How to Become a Coach

The Coachversity™ “How to Be a Coach” program gives you the knowledge to choose a coaching niche, start a business, help people and have a steady flow of clients to choose from!  

The coaching lifestlye enables you to work the hours you choose from where you want while making a great income. You can turn your skills, knowledge, abilities, experience, education, and talents into a high paid profession, sharing your value with others.  

You can become a coach with little more than good listening skills, or you can market other specific skills you possess in one of more than 101 coaching niches. Many coaches earn desireable six and even seven figure incomes.  

Coaching is experiencing explosive growth and the future outlook predicts strong demand for years to come. 

Coachversity™’sHow to Be a Coach’ is the Most Comprehensive Program Available to Get You In Business, Helping People, and Making Money in Just Weeks 

Coachversity’s ‘How to Be a Coach’ is an online program with a ‘Live’ instructor. You will meet once a week for four weeks in 90 minute sessions with weekly study assigments, action lists and on the spot Q&A sessions. 

You will discover how to evaluate and package your skills, how to establish your coaching business, and get a steady flow of clients.   

Coachversity’s ‘How to Be a Coach’ Program Syllabus 

How to Be a Coach: Session One


How to Choose Your Coaching Niche
and Package Your Skills

Review the 101 coach types to determine exactly what coach you will be. 
If you already know the type of coach you will be this section still has tremendous value for packaging your skills.  

  • 101 Types of Coaches
  • How to Choose Your Niche
  • Skills Assessment
  • Experience Assessment
  • Knowledge Assessment
  • Packaging Your Skills, Knowledge, Experience and Talents 

Developing Your Coaching Client Avatar

Your coaching client avatar description is critical for marketing, messaging, communicating, and coaching. Find out how to minimize marketing expenses and have cream of the crop clients with Coachversity’s Avatar Development System. 

  • Learn About The Avatar Myth and Avoid Missing Your Target Market  Altogether
  • Discover How to Research Your Niche Market 
  • Who is in Your Bullseye? 
  • What are Secondary and Tertiary Targets and are They Important for You?
  • Are Your Prospects a Moving Target… and if so What You Need to Do 

Your Coaching Brand

There are branding  characteristics for coaches that critically differ from business branding. Learn about the specifics of coach branding so you don’t miss the mark.  

  • Your Unique Value Proposition
  • How to Develop Your Brand 
  • Discover How to Integrate Your  Niche and Benefits With Your Branding 
  • The Overlooked Method to Establish Your Message
  • Learn the Power of Positioning and Conditioning
  • Find Out About the Importance of Consistency

How to Be a Coach: Session Two


How to Establish Your Coaching Hourly Rate

Most coaches undervalue their coaching reflected by discounts or low rates. Coaches often have a skewed sense of worth inherent to what they are marketing. Learn how to accurately value your coaching to avoid being short changed.

  • Understand the Rate Versus Value Formula 
  • See How to Perform Your Value Audit
  • How to Evaluate Market Demand
  • Learn the Truth About What Role Competition Plays in Coaching 
  • Discover How to Use the The Leap Curve 



green business

How to Set Up Your Coaching Business

You get the blueprint that fast tracks you to being ready for business. 

  • Learn the Business Format Choices for Coaches. 
  • Choose Your Financial Platform
  • Choose a Bookkkeeping Program
  • How to Set Up Your Coaching Enviroment
  • Discover the Optimum Equipment for Coaching 

How to Create Your Coaching Policies

Even experienced coaches love this course. Learn how to establish coaching policies for communications, platform use, no shows, discovery or introduction calls, types of clients you will not accept, if or when to give a refund, payment platforms and terms, and more. 

How to Be a Coach: Session Three


How to Choose The Best Platforms and Software for Coaching


  • How to Track Prospects and Clients
  • The Best Platforms to Communicate with Clients
  • How to Easily Keep Shared notes and Files 

Your Coach Approach:
How to Format and Conduct Your Coaching Sessions 

  • Discover the Rules of Coaching Ethics 
  • See The New Satori Coaching Method™ That is Vital for Success
  • Learn the Power of Vocabulary for Your Coach Niche
  • Find Out Why a Coaching Format Is So Appreciated By Clients and Makes Your Business Easier

How to Prepare for a Steady Flow of Clients to Choose From

  • How to Develop Your Web Presence with a Landing Page   
  • Where You Need to Be  
  • Where Not to Spend Money to Get Clients
  • Learn The Power and Pitfalls of Directories 
  • The Truth About Coaching Funnels
  • Is an Email Campaign Important for Coaching? 

How to Be a Coach: Session Four

Coach Marketing: How to Have a Steady Flow of New Clients to Choose From

Session Four is dedicated to coach marketing. There are now thousands of marketing opportunities for coaches. Learn how to develop a marketing plan and select the top ten marketing campaigns and or platforms based on highest potential return for least effort and cost. 

Discover what you items to be tracking in your coaching business and what metrics and KPIs to establish. 



Who is this program for? How to Be a Coach is for anyone that desires to become a coach, create a business, and be coaching within weeks. 

Will this program help me decide what kind of coach to be? 
Yes. You will learn how to choose from 101 coaching disciplines to best match your skills, abilities, experience, talents, and knowledge. 

How long is this course? 
How to Be a Coach meets once a week for four weeks. Sessions are 90 minutes to two hours each including a Q&A segement where you can ask questions. 

How do I access this program? 

When is the course available? 
The day of the week and time rotates per course. Sometimes the course is scheduled during a weekday, a weekday evening, or Saturday mornings. You will be able to choose the program that works with your schedule when you meet with one of our coach advocates by clicking here or on the button at the bottom of this page.   


I just completed a Life Coaching certificate program from another college. Will Coachversity’s How to Be a Coach help me? 
Yes.  Most all other coach educational programs do not teach the business side of coaching, No other school offers the exclusive information in this course. You can find out more for FEEE when you meet with one of our coach advocates by clicking here or on the button at the bottom of this page. 


Imagine the coach lifestyle… you choose the days and hours you coach, where you would like to conduct business and who you coach. You can travel and coach from anywhere you can connect to the Internet. 

You can wake each morning and enjoy your brew, a jog or workout, catch up on events or self development, or spend time with friends or family. You begin your coaching day relaxed and peaceful. 

Coaching is a rewarding career that brings a sense of warm fulfullment every day. Each session is an opportunity to share with others the unique value that only you have. 

Meet Your Instructor 

Phil is the creator and your instructor for Coachversity’s “How to Be a Coach” program.” After a career as a Business Broker and appraiser he became a highly sought after coach. 

In addition to helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners, Phil has been a coach’s coach. He has helped coaches in numerous fields flourish in the coaching business.   

You will benefit from Phil’s unparalleled success with systems, techniques, and methods for coaching.   

Your time has come.

Your dream of being a coach can become your reality now… we got you. We meet with you and learn your goals. Then you can discover how we can strategically help you reach or exceed your dreams.  

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We will help you make your coaching business everything you dreamed coaching would be.

Let’s go… your time has come! 

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