Attention: Coaches

How Can You Quickly Grow Your Coaching Practice, Help More People, and Increase Your Income…
 All in a Way That Aligns With Your Personal Goals and Lifestyle?  

There are Now So Many Coach Growth and Marketing Options You Can Become Overwhelmed 

And Most of These Choices End Up Wasting Your Time, Yield Little or No Results, Bring You the Wrong Prospects, Disrupt Your Lifestyle, and Cause You More Work While Costing You a Fortune  

Like most coaches, you probably got into coaching to help people… not to become a marketing expert and professional salesperson. Yet with a myriad of marketing options and a mountain of information targetting coaches, how are you supposed to figure out which options actually bring you the right clients, and produce a profitable ROI?   

And which growth options truly align with your goals and lifestyle?

When I began coaching seven years ago, I had an edge. I had just concluded a career of buying and selling privately held businesses. 

I spent years developing and perfecting a business growth system. In each business I implemented my system and processes and developed ‘growth versus effort’ algorithms and metrics. I applied my systems and processes to a myriad of industries including accounting firms, fabricators, health practices, manufacturing, marketing agencies, sales, technology based, service based, professional practices, and more. 

Flipping small businesses is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced. I had built a team of exceptional managers, accoutants, attorneys, and support staff. The goal was to at least double the value of each business in 12 months or less. We did this successfully and repeatedly on an unmatched scale.

Increasing the value of a business 2x, 3x or more was not about increasing the assets of the business. We would double or triple cash flow and that had to reflect in profit. While I have failed at start up businesses more than once, we were 100% successful flipping businesses.

All this is not to blow my own horn but to illustrate the value of what you are about to receive.

In fact, I seldom have considered myself the smartest person in a room, frequently even when there is only one other person in the room! 

I merely had the opportunity to run into many more walls to find the doors in business than most people. I have an extensively broad range of business experience.

Within Weeks of Starting to Coach, I Had a Steady Flow of Prospects and New Clients to Choose From Each and Every Week for the Last 6 Years!  

So when I retired from Business Brokering and became a business growth coach, I applied the same business, marketing, and growth systems and formulas along with the latest digital marketing to start and grow my coaching business. My coaching business was quickly successful. Since that day seven years ago, I have had a steady flow of people seeking my serivces and often a new client waiting list. 

Soon coach after coach contacted me for business and marketing guidance. 

Using the same formulas and system I developed that made my businesses grow fast and healthy …  I have now helped hundreds of ecstatic coaches do the same.

This proven growth system is from over 25 years of starting and buying dozens of businesses and quickly growing revenues, cash flows, and profits to increase reflective values by 200%, 300%, or more.

This system applied to the coaching business and coupled with today’s social media and AI marketing, will quickly accelerate your coaching business, oppportunity to help more people, and provide the income and lifestyle you got into coaching to have.  

So While My System Can Get You More Clients… Is More Clients What You Are Seeking… Or Do You Want More Income and Less Work?  

You might be reaching the where most productive one-on-one coaches arrive; You are working as many hours as you can or desire to, yet your income is limited to your time. And in most of these cases, the coach reaches burnout from over coaching.

You are not alone.

I was there. Booking 35 to 42 one on one 1 hour sessions a week. That is a lot of coaching. Then I barely had time for communications and the other admin work  required. I hired a virtual assistant but that only offer a small bit of relief.

There had to be a better way. How could I avoid burnout, earn the high six figures I desired, and still help as many people as possible?

There are basically 7 fundamental ways to make more money coaching and help more people: 

These are:

  • Increase Your One-on-One Client Load
  • Increase Your Hourly Rate
  • Create a Group Coaching Program 
  • Sell Passive Offers of Your Own or Affiliate Books, Courses, Products 
  • Create Monetized Content
  • Hire Coaches to Work Under You
  • Sell Coaching Packages and or Memberships 

All seven of these actions are proven and will have you earning more. Several of these actions will have you earning more for less work… considerably more.

The Coachversity™ Playbook

The Program for How to Build and Grow a Thriving Coaching Practice

The Coachversity Playbook is a strategic coach growth program based on seven fundamental ways you will help more people and increase your income with coaching. These seven scaling systems are designed to be tailored to meet your goals and fit your lifestyle. 

In Just a 45 Minute Call with Myself or One of My Coach Advocates, We Will Give You All This:  

  • How to Establish Your Coaching Value
  • How to Get the Highest Rate
  • Why You Need a Coaching System and Which Ssytem You Need
  • What is Coach Positioning and Conditioning?
  • How to 10x Your Coaching Income Now

AND: Your Unique Strategic Plan to Make the Money You Deserve While Helping as Many People as You Would Like  

Quickly Accelerate Your Influence and Income

Coachversity’s Coach Growth Program

This strategic Coach Growth Program is based on seven fundamental ways you will help more people and increase your income with coaching. These seven scaling systems are designed to be tailored to meet your goals and fit your lifestyle. 

Coach Growth is a Tailored System. We Help You Align Your Growth With Your Business and Personal Lifestyle Goals 

Whether you are a new coach or a seasoned experienced coach seeking to grow your business, we got you. We meet with you and learn your goals. Then we recommend your unique growth strategy and how to use the Coach Growth Program to accelerate your business and income to reach or exceed your goals.   

Phil is the creator of the Coach Growth Program.” After a career as a Business Broker and Appraiser he became a highly sought after coach. 

In addition to helping hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners, Phil is a coach’s coach. He has helped hundreds of coaches in numerous fields flourish in the coaching business.   

You will benefit from Phil’s unparalleled success with systems, techniques, and methods for business growth. 

We Have a 100% Success Rate Helping Coaches and Businesses Grow 

Your time has come.

Whether you are a new coach or a seasoned experienced coach seeking to grow your business, we got you. We meet with you and learn your goals. You can discover how we can strategically help you reach or exceed them. 

Your success is paramount to us.

Schedule your One on One Strategy Call 

You will complete a few questions and schedule a 45 minute growth strategy call for only $179. If we cannot help you or you are not over the moon ecstatic I will refund your money immediately.

We will help you make your coaching business everything you dreamed coaching would be.

Let’s go… your time has come! 

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